Slot Overview: Primitive Souls

If game developers are a mirror of their teams, then whomever was responsible for Quickspin’s Primal Spirits was probably attempting to connect with nature on a spiritual level. In the online slot game Primal Spirits, features like Spirit Animals, Thunder Birds, and Enchanted Gems take center stage. Primal Spirits is a game where “you can immerse yourself in their sacred rituals and reconnect with Mother Earth while being rewarded with untold riches,” which may or may not be your cup of tea.

However, when Primal Spirits first showed on screen, neither spirits nor enchantments were the first things that sprang to mind. It was curious as to whether or not Quickspin had stolen any of Peter & Sons’ artists. The higher-value animal emblems, typefaces, and general design of Primal Spirits make it look like it may be a P&S game. Who knows if there is a connection or not. Yes, let’s go ahead and keep going.

Set under the light of a crescent moon in a rural setting, Primal Spirits has a 5-reel, 3-row game panel with 25 different ways to win. The maximum return to player for this slot machine is 96.02%, or 96.53% with the use of purchased free spins. Playable on any device with stakes ranging from 25 p/c to £/€100 every paid game round, this Quickspin-rated (5 out of 5) slot game is known for its high degree of volatility.

For each color type, there are four high-paying Spirit Animals and four low-paying Enchanted Gems, and winning combinations consist of three to five matching symbols. That’s right, for every shade of blue, green, purple, and red, there’s an animal variant that pays more and a gem variant that pays less. The reasoning for this practice will soon become apparent. When you get five of a kind, you win 2-5 times your wager on high pays, or 1.2 times your wager on low pays. When wilds appear on any reel, they can replace any other symbol in a winning combination, up to and including the scatter.

Slot’s Featured Primitive Spirits

Primal Spirits is not a difficult game, but it also isn’t completely simple. Understanding how the game works requires a few spins and some time spent looking through the paytable.

Wavy Reels

Tumbling Reels, which clears the board of winning symbols, is the initial jigsaw piece. When one sign falls below another, the latter fills up the empty space above it.

“Trance of the Totem Animals”

If the upper left portion of the Totem is blue, green, purple, or red after a tumble, all low-pay symbols of that color on the reels are replaced by their high-pay counterparts. All of the low-paying symbols in view will be upgraded if the Top left Totem is gold. If a fresh win is made after the transition, the Tumbling Reels feature is activated.

Multiply Colors

If a win or free spin is about to occur after a symbol is transformed by the Totem Trance, the corresponding Color Multiplier on the right-hand Totem will increase by 1. When a golden Totem sign is transformed in the same way, all Color Multipliers rise.

A Storm of Free Games

If three scatters appear on a single spin, the bonus game will activate and grant ten free games (plus five more for each consecutive scatter). Free spins can be retriggered in the bonus round in the same manner they do in the main game. Multipliers earned in the basic game on the spin that activates free spins carry over. During free games, the Colour Multipliers now increase rather than decrease.

Purchase Option

Where accessible, the bonus buy option can be accessed directly from the main menu. A win of 150x the wager launches the Thunder Free Spins bonus.

Primitive Souls: A Gambling Decision

It was an unusual experience reviewing Primal Spirits. Odd in a subtle way. At the end of the day, it was difficult to say whether or not the experience had been worthwhile. The completion of the test drive raised more questions than it answered. The initial mystery was if Peter & Sons was involved in making the game or if it was just a coincidence. In any case, Peter & Sons’ games are so obviously their own that any attempt at a knockoff would be immediately obvious as a fake. I’m not trying to assign blame; simply stating a fact.

Primal Spirits’ core mechanisms and traits all grew out of the mystery that surrounded them. How excellent are they? We wavered back and forth, never settling on a position that would allow us to answer the question with any degree of certainty. When Tumbles set off Totem Trances, which in turn feed Color Multipliers and eventually provide a respectable output, then wow, that was one creative journey. When it doesn’t, the multipliers and transformations are a bit random. However, its rarity means that fans of the classic Tumbling mechanism could enjoy Primal Spirits’ take on the mode. Maybe if you’re interested in the topic, that will assist. I can’t say for sure; Primal Spirits was difficult to define. Quickspin found a maximum win of 8,623x the stake after simulating the game for 100 million spins, so high rollers need not worry.

A creative enterprise may expect to attract a wide range of curious participants who are eager to test out the unusual and unexpected offerings they provide. Unlike games like Karen Maneater, Primal Spirits isn’t completely out there, but the whole vibe I got from it was a touch off. Although some may have trouble understanding what Primal Spirits is going at, it may play perfectly into the hands of others since, on the whole, it’s a good odd, and odd’s fine regardless.

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